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Whether you’re an online entrepreneur or run an offline business seeking to make an impact online it is definitely worth your time to get a free business email address. While other email services such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail are common online they don’t exactly give off an impression of a true professional or present your business in the best light. To really get the respect your business deserves and to establish yourself as an authority figure in your industry you’re going to want to ensure that your email address is something that reflects your status as a true professional.

Getting a custom email for your business can be accomplished by purchasing a domain, buying hosting then setting up the email client. However in addition to the fact that there are multiple fees involved you would also be required to have the technical expertise necessary to set everything up. If words like “cPanel,” “nameservers,” and “addon domains” sound like a foreign language to you then you’d be better off getting a professional free business email account instead.

What is a Free Business Email Address?

A standard free email address would be something along the lines of “” where as a business email address will be hosted at whichever service you’re using such as “” or something similar. One of the best things about these services is the fact that many times you are presented with a choice when it comes to the domain your address is associated with. For example at you’re you can choose the standard “” or from a list of other options such as “,” “,” “” and more. Keep in mind that this is just one service, other services will have other options as well.

Simply changing the domain portion of your email may not seem like a huge deal but there is much more of these business email services than that feature alone. Since businesses have more specific requirements than a casual Internet user they also need more advanced options to be included with their email client as well in many cases. While most basic email clients such as yahoo come with standard features such as a spam folder and the ability to save drafts, business email accounts have advanced features specifically designed to help your business.

Basic Free Business Email Benefits

While different free business email services have different benefits and features the ones you’re going to want to focus on depend greatly on the nature of your business. If you’re running an in-house IT network yourbusiness email needs will be different than if you’re engaging in email marketing campaigns for information products. Determining your specific needs prior to signing up with a business email service is crucial.

Some of the more basic benefits offered by most business email services include things like instant notification when you receive an email, quick log-in options and search options for both your mailbox and the internet. Some even have the ability to provide you with news updates as well, if you want.

Additionally, since it is important to have access to your business email account while on the go, some services have developed apps for your smartphone that allows you to quickly and easily access your mailbox from anywhere. This is great considering the fact that many websites and email clients aren’t configured to display properly on mobile phones. This feature is best used in tandem with an email notifications feature so you can respond to important messages as soon as you receive them.

Advanced Business Email Features

For some businesses, especially those in the IT industry, more advanced business email solution features are needed to ensure accurate and timely communication both within the network and with external sources. If you fall into this category you are going to want to make sure you find an email service that can handle your day to day needs as efficiently as possible.

Some advanced features you may find useful are enhanced security options to prevent hacking and intrusion, scalability with free upgrades, 24 hour customer support, data recovery options for instances of catastrophic network failure, customizable accessibility options to prevent unauthorized access of sensitive materials and free system maintenance and server upgrades. This is just a small sample of the features you can find at a top-tier business email service, though keep in mind that while some of these services are free you may have to pay for some of the more cutting-edge services out there.

Email Marketing

If you’re engaging in an email marketing campaign there are other services that you may find useful in addition to the standard free business email lists online. Services such as Aweber and autoresponders makes it easy to not only build a huge list of email subscribes but also gives you the ability to message all of them at once. This is especially powerful if you’re marketing special offers, coupons and other incentives to your subscribers.

For example, let’s say you run an auto repair business and things have been slow as of late. If you have an email subscriber list of 2,000 people and you send out a coupon for an oil change or some other commonly needed service and only 1 percent (an extremely conservative estimate) of your list responds you have still enticed 20 paying customers to visit your shop.

What’s even more amazing is the fact that this method of marketing is even more powerful when used by online entrepreneurs who specialize in selling information products and other online services. This is due to the fact that you can configure an autoresponder to send out previously written messages ahead of time in addition to sending out messages as needed. Combining this method of marketing with a free business email service can be incredibly powerful for your offline or online business.

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