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Free Business Email Accounts

There are a number of benefits that come with using free business email accounts. For the small business owner, this would save a lot of money which can be redirected elsewhere. The free business email services are also essential to a business that does not yet have an IT unit. There are many free email providers available today. Read on to find out what to look for when deciding on which one will best serve the goals of your business.

Top Qualities To Look For When Picking Free Business Email Accounts

Email is a service that has become essential in business today. For any business to thrive, it must communicate; with its clients, potential employees, its service providers and suppliers. In that communication, it is in your best interests to look professional, especially with your clients. As you look for your free business email accounts, make sure to pick one that conveys professionalism. It must also be easy to remember.

Find out about the features free business email accounts offer before settling on one provider over another. If you anticipate large volumes of emails, you should pick an email service that allows you a lot of free storage space. Being able to manage your mail is also important; it helps you become more organized. If you can easily search for and locate a particular email, it will save you time and minimize your frustration. An added bonus is if your staff can get personalized email addresses as well.

A SPAM Filter Is A Must

Most free email services help maintain your security by screening incoming emails. This helps weed out any potential threats to your email and consequently, your computer system, from viruses. You should also make sure that they have spam filters. This keeps unwanted emails out of your inbox.

Look for any other services that come with the free business email account. Some free email providers allow you to connect with similar minded individuals or businesses. You can even free email accountsset up a blog to further advertise your business. Setting up a blog allows you to inform your clients and the general public about the latest in regards to what you offer and information about your products. This can contribute greatly to increasing your client base and sales. Other email features you may want to make use of include fax, instant messaging and voicemail.

Consider how readily accessible your emails will be to you. Most web-based email services allow you to get to your free business email accounts from anywhere. You should be able to access your email at any time, even if you change your ISP. You do not even need to download any software to login.

Providers That Offer The Best Free Business Email Accounts

There are many free email providers out there that offer excellent services. Listed below are the top three:

1. Gmail

It is arguably the most well-known and the best email provider in the world. Gmail offers many email features and applications, like video chats, filters, labels, blogging and much more. It offers quality virus protection and allows you over 7 GB worth of storage space. It allows you to use Google features as well, like its powerful search engine. The Gmail team is constantly coming up with new features, and let’s face it Google is destroying the competition in pretty much all markets.

2. Yahoo! Mail

This service provider is as well-known as Gmail. It offers your business unlimited storage space and allows attachments of up to 25 MB. It offers protection from spam and viruses. You can easily find documents or emails by using filters to narrow down search results.
3. Windows Live Hotmail

It offers 5 GB worth of storage space. You can attach documents of up to 10 MB on your emails. It offers instant messaging through Live Messenger. Spam filters and virus protection is good as well. It also allows you to make use of other Windows Live services.

Email is essential in the smooth running of a business. You need to be in constant communication with your clients and suppliers. You have many options in regards to free email providers. Many email providers also make available other features that make your business more efficient as well as more visible. Compare free email accounts and see which best suits your business needs. Your business can benefit tremendously from free business email accounts.